When you are deciding on which online slot site at which to play there are several factors to decide in terms of which software platform you should try, one of the industries leading online casino software companies Microgaming have two platforms available to players and these are a fully downloadable version which boasts so many slot and casino games you will not know where to begin playing!

The second version they offer is a basic no download, instant play variant that whilst it does not carry as many games as the downloadable variant it does offer a diverse selection of casino slots, pokies and other casino games. Below we shall take a look in more detail of the features and qualities of both these software variants and hopefully it will help you choose one which is best suited to your playing style and the way you wish to play online.

Flash powered casino slots and games

As computers have got more advanced and it is now possible to use them via wireless connections many players prefer to play on the go where ever they happen to be, and as such it is quite common for people on trains or buses to be connected up to the internet playing casino games to help relieve the boredom of such long journeys.

So if you are in a similar situation and you want to pass a little time and hopefully win yourself some dosh then playing at a flash powered Microgaming casino will be right up your street, obviously wireless internet connections are not very powerful and as such if you was to download a Microgaming casino you could be waiting around for ages whilst it slowly downloads the software and in such cases the flash powered casinos are much better as they do not use up much bandwidth and as such can be installed and ready to play in seconds.

Should you be up for giving a no download, flash powered, instant play casino a try then one which is highly regarded by many players and one that has been long established is Lucky Nugget Casino  who have over 100 casino games of every description all available to play. You can of course opt to play these games free of charge or why not play for real money as by doing just that you will qualify for their generous new player bonus offer.

Should you be worried about what happens should you be on the go and you lose the internet signal then fear not as the software will automatically remember where you left off and once you re-log onto the casino the result of the last game played will be displayed, and should the connection have been lost when you was playing a slot machines bonus game then it will still be waiting for you when you next log in, so nothing is ever lost when you suffer a disconnection, ideal for when the train that you are travelling on goes through a tunnel!

Downloadable casino slots and games

When it comes to sheer choice of games you are never going to get a bigger selection of them than by playing at a fully downloadable online casino. Microgaming are by far the most popular casino software company and thanks to their many years of online existence you are going to find over 600 casino games available should you decide to play at any of the many downloadable online casinos which have chosen to use them to power their sites.

We have several Microgaming powered downloadable casinos listed on this website, however one that you may never have heard of or played at before and therefore you may be able to qualify for a special new player bonus are the trusted New Zealand Online casinos part of the massive Palace Group and they are famed for their fair play, honesty, fast payouts and very generous player promotions, one this is guaranteed and that is you will get maximum play time and value for money by playing at this state of the art fully downloadable Microgaming powered online casino.

By playing at such a site there are a plethora of playing features which means you can completely customize your gambling sessions, we have the basic functions such as the facility to alter the screen sizes or adjust any of the individual playing sounds on each game but there are also a ton of other player adjustable and very unique features of such a downloadable casino site.

One such feature is known as auto play and as the name of this suggests you can set the slots or card and table games or even video poker game to play themselves, you simply need to decide how many games you wish to play and at what stakes levels and then watch as they games play themselves, and in regards to games such as video poker and blackjack they will play perfect strategy for you ensuring you get the best chance of winning when playing via auto play.

Other features of Microgaming stunning downloadable casino software is the new tabbed browser, here you can drag the game windows where ever you want to them to appear on your computer screen and can now have the ability to play more than one slot or any casino game all at the same time.

It goes without saying that downloadable casinos will let you play for free or for real money but they will also in the vast majority of cases let you credit and redeem your own comp points via the Loyalty icon, so if you want full control over your comps and gambling budget then this is the way ahead and we suggest you try a downloadable casino today and experience for yourself just how good they are we know you will not be disappointed.

Mobile casino platforms

Amazingly now you can play mobile casino games on your mobile phone, you may be wondering how this is possible due to the storage size being very limited on most mobile phones, well thanks to Java technology and the fact that you need only every download one game at a time you can now play a wide range of Microgaming casino slots and games on your mobile phone or mobile device.