There can be some quite generous casino bonuses available for both new and existing players such as those offered at All Slots Casino which is an ideal venue to visit if you are looking for a huge number of free slot games to play, however with so many different kinds of bonuses available it can be quite confusing understanding what they all offer. So with this in mind we have compiled a guide below which will hopefully help you get your head around the many different casino bonuses that you will come across whilst surfing the web.

You will notice also that we have lots of different online casinos listed throughout our site, we have hand picked each of them and as such you are going to find a very diverse range of casino bonuses available at all of them, we cordially invite you to check any of them out as they are all highly recommended and alongside their generous bonuses and large slot game selection you will find all of them offer a first class gambling experience, fast payouts and the highest levels of customer service.

No Deposit Casinos & Bonuses

The one type of casino bonus most likely to stir up interest with players is the no deposit bonus, and in its most simplest form this is where an online casino or slot site will put some cash into your casino account once you have signed up as a new player,. you can then sort forth and get playing any of the permitted casino games and the casino will let you keep the winnings, how cool is that, well it is not so hot in most cases once you start to read through the rules regarding most no deposit bonuses.

They will often stipulate that with their no deposit bonus you can only play certain games or that you must play through the free cash a certain number of times or even worse than that you will only be allowed to keep a small multiple of the amount of the bonus given, when all things are weighed up these no deposit required casino bonuses are simply not worth the time nor the effort and you are best avoiding them.

One Hour Free Play Casino Bonuses

You will see several online casinos offer what are known as one hours free bonuses, these are relatively simple to understand once you download an online casino offering this bonus and sign up when you first log in you will be given the option of playing for one hour with the casinos own money, if you accept this offer then a small selection of games will appear and you have to play them, the terms usually say you must play at least one hundreds spins on the slots or hands of Blackjack etc and then if within an hour and once you have played at least 100 games (these can be all the same slot game not 100 individual slots!) you can then get to keep your winnings.

Keeping the innings sounds like a win win proposition for most players, however what will happen is you will only be able to keep a certain amount of the winnings for example up to 100.00, and then you cannot simply withdraw it and go merrily skipping of, that they will then require you to do is to make a deposit into the casino (often around 50.00) then your winnings will then be credited to your casino balance as bonus credits which you will then have to play through thirty or forty or even more times, so once you understand all that lot you are best giving these kinds of bonuses a wide berth they are simply a waste of time!

Sign Up Casino Bonuses

Probably the best type of casino bonus and one which means both the player and the casino puts their money where their mouth is so to speak, has to be the deposit bonus, you make a deposit into the casino and the casino will often match it 100% (occasionally this can be more than that), you then have to play through your deposited amount and/or the casino bonus x amounts of times and once this play through has been met you can then withdraw any winnings you have made. It is true to say many players will of course bust out before they make the play through requirements however many players will also make it and be able to cash out a tidy sum.

Deposit bonuses give you a fair crack of the whip and unlike no deposit bonuses they tend not to have a maximum cash out amount attached to them, however some casinos will so it is always best to check through the terms and conditions which will be attached to any form of casino bonus that you are thinking of accepting to ensure you never fall foul to any particular terms or rule.

Preferred Deposit Method Bonuses

We have started to see more and more of these types of bonuses appearing online, how they work is the online casino will flip you a bonus based on you depositing by using one of several different methods, for example you may get offered a bonus for depositing using Moneybookers or as they are now known Skrill or you could get a bonus simply by depositing using your debit card. However you will often find that these bonuses are often only around the 10 to 15 percent range and as such when you are obliged to play through both your deposit and bonus x amounts of times it makes the value of the bonus worthless and certainly not worth taking.

The best type of bonus to be given by a casino has to be the complimentary chip which has no play through requirements attached to it at all, many casinos give their regular players these types of bonuses on their Birthday or at Christmas time or even when a player has had a particularly bad session, many players will cheekily ask for these kinds of bonuses simply for losing, and amazingly many casinos, those it has to be said that value their customers, will give them away when asked, so if you fancy being cheeky then go on ask for a free bonus who knows you may just get one!