Whilst slot machines in general more so the bonus video slot games offer players a good selection of bonus feature rounds there are some games which offer players a huge array of different features and playing them can give you plenty of entertainment value and of course the chance to bag some fairly decent payouts, the types of slot games are known as fruit machines and are based on the types of games more commonly found in land based venues in the UK.

We have decided to showcase many of the different game play bonus features that can be awarded and found on many different fruit machine games below, and if you like what you see then the place to visit for the biggest range of fruit machines is any of our listed Microgaming powered online casinos and one such site where you will find a plethora of them is over at  Lucky Nugget Casino who are one of the oldest online casinos using Microgamings state of the art fully downloadable casino software.

For all of you looking to play them then allow us to inform you they can of course be played in free play mode and this is an ideal way to get a feel for the many different bonus features they offer, and you really should give them a try if you are seeking the ultimate in slot playing, as you will not find any other slot offering as many bonus rounds and features as these fruit machines do.

Holds and Nudges

The first thing you need to be aware of when playing fruit machines is that you are going to be offered some feature much more often than others and these features will not be ones you will have seen before if you have never played fruit machines before, and these features are known as holds and nudges.

Let us begin by telling you what a hold feature does, this will be offered before you have spun the reels and is indicated by the buttons underneath the reels flashing, they will have the word hold clearly indicated on them and when they are flashing you can choose to hold and therefore lock into position any of the three reels of the fruit machine.

You should use these holds wisely and if for example you have tow matching symbols then it is often prudent to hold and lock them in place for the next spin in the hope that the other symbols matching the two you have held spin in and completes a winning combination. You may also require some numbers on the feature trail and by holding any numbers on the reels you could complete the feature trail and set it in motion so look out for them also.

If you have spun in a winning combination then you may be offered a hold on the next game, if this is the case then make sure you hold each and every reel to enable you to repeat that winning combination, you can get holds being offered consecutively even after winnings spins so always check to see if they are offered and do not hit that start button too quickly as you may miss them.

Feature Trail

Some fruit machines will offer you what is known as a feature trail, this is basic a trail which you progress along via number printed on certain reel positions and when they spin in you move the corresponding number of positions along the feature trail as the numbers you spun in.

When you make it to either the end of the feature trail then a bonus game is commenced, however some fruit machines have certain spots along the feature trail where additional features can be won, if you have been offered holds then these can be used to lock into position the numbers and thus help you progress along the trail and complete it much quicker than normal so keep an eye out for these also.

The position you have landed on on the feature trail may also hold and be locked into place for the next spin or spins, look out for the feature trail held light illuminating when you are playing the base game as this lets you know your current position on this trail is locked in place and any additional numbers spun in on the next spin will move you even further along the feature trail.

Bonus board

Some fruit machines offer what is known as a bonus board and you move onto this when the bonus game is triggered, they can be triggered in various ways such as completing a grid or simply spinning in a certain set of pay line reel symbols, once this bonus board game is triggered you will move onto a new screen on the slot.

A bonus board looks like a board game, if you imagine for example a monopoly board then this is what they can look like, you will either have to roll some dice or spin a number reel and whatever score or number you reveal will move you around this bonus board, the idea is to keep working your way around this feature board and as you do so you will be accumulating bigger and better prizes or game play features.

Some bonus boards may resemble the snakes and ladders type of board game where you are tasked with working you way up the bonus board in the hope you will make it to the higher levels of this bonus board as that is where the bigger paying cash prizes or additional bonus feature games are to be found.

Prize Ladders

You may find that some fruit machines offer you a prize ladder type bonus feature game, this is presented as the name suggests as a ladder with lower paying cash amounts on the lower rungs of this ladder and the higher better paying cash amounts on the higher rungs.

You will then watch as the rungs all flash in random order and simply have to whack the stop button and whichever rung you manage to hit and light up is the cash prize you will win, sometimes you can then try and have another go by a yes/no repeater feature where you have to try and stop the light on the yes section to win another go on the bonus ladder.