You will need the patience of a saint and sheer determination if you fancy not only taking part in many of the online slot tournaments that are available but also want a chance of actually winning a prize, the reason why we say this is that although slot tournaments can be a lot of fun the actual odds of you actually winning a prize in some of them can be very tiny indeed, so have a good read through the article below to see if slot tournament are something you wish to try.

Should after reading through our guide to slot tournaments below you fancy giving one or more of them a try then the place we highly recommend that you do just that at is Jackpot City Casino who are a long established much loved, no nonsense online casino which is fully downloadable and utilizes Microgamings state of the art casino software which is the best one available online.

What are slot tournaments?

A slot tournament is basically a competition, you will be set the task with trying to win as much as you can by playing one individual slot game for a set period of time, you are given a set amount of credits on the slot and then mush simply whack the start button and try and win, win, win, the higher the amount of money you win during the tournament the better chances are that you win a cash prize.

Unlike playing slot games in normal mode, when you play in a slot tournament the credits you get on the slot are not real money they are tournament credits and you cannot play with winnings that have been accumulated as you play the slot, the winnings are not real they are classed as your score, so if you win 1000.00 during the tournament then that is not yours to keep it is simply the score you achieved.

You can play in the tournament until either your credits run out or the timer which has been allocated to the slot tournament reaches zero, which ever of these happens first will mean your entry has ended and whatever your score is will be the one entered on the score board.

The prizes that are allocated to any slot tournament will be clearly displayed on the slot tournament information board this is displayed on the casino website and will also be available to view once you log into the casino and select the tournaments tab from the side menu, you will find all of the up and coming slot tournaments along with the results of any that have recently ended.

Freeroll tournaments good value?

There are tons of different slot tournaments but by far the mot popular ones are the ones known as freeroll slot tournaments, why these are so popular is simple and that is due to the simple fact that they are completely free to enter yet offer real money prizes to those that manage to end the tournament in one of the prize paying position on the score board.

So you may be thinking, well if they are free to enter and I may bag a cash prize then I have found slot playing heaven and cannot lose! Well this is very true you will be able to win a cash prize but only if you score a decent score when playing out the freeroll slot tournament, but there are often thousands of other players who also have the same idea and therefore your chances of actually winning are tiny in reality.

However if you want to waste some time and play slots then they can be a good way to do just that, however these freeroll slot tournaments do fill up very quickly and as such you should register to take part as soon as the registration period opens as the number of entrant is often limited and they do indeed fill up rapidly.

The cash amounts which are offered as prizes can and does vary from online casino to online casino so it can often pay dividends for you to shop around and see what each Microgaming powered online casino is offering as some just offer small cash prizes whilst others can and do offer prizes worth 1000’s, so why play in a freeroll slot tournament that offers a top prize payout of 30.00 when you could win 1000.00 at another one?

Another thing to look out for is freeroll satellite tournaments, these let you win an entry into a much bigger and better paying slot tournament and unlike basic free rolls you do not win a cash prize but entry into a better paying one and in these sorts of tournaments there are any free entries up for grabs so they do offer a better chance of winning, but once again make sure you register to take part as early as you can as they fill up very quickly indeed.

Rebuys and Continues

There are other kinds of slot tournaments other than free rolls and these will require you to pay a small entry fee to secure your place into them, these tend to offer you better chances of winning as not many people tend to take part in them due to them having to pay an entry fee.

These tournaments also offer bigger prize pools and some of them will let you Rebuy or continue playing once you have run out of tournament credits or the slot tournament times reaches zero. If you are offered a re buy this simply means you pay an additional fee and your previous score is wiped out and you can then replay the slot tournament from scratch in the hope of securing a better score.

Some tournaments let you continue playing from where you left off when you either ran out of credits or the timer ran out, you pay an additional fee and you are given more tournament credits and several more minutes are added to your timer, so by using both rebuys and/or add ons you can increase the chances of you actually hitting a prize paying score on the tournaments score board.