Slot game payout percentages can be quite confusing to understand for most players, there is what is known as an expected return to player payout percentage, this is what the slot machine is expected to payout over a complete cycle a cycle is best described as when the machine has spun in every possible combination once on the payline/pay lines over the long term. We also have the current or actual payout percentage, this is what the machine has paid out to date.

Obviously due to the nature of how a slot machine works being driven by a random number generator the current payout percentage can vary wildly over the short term as players who experience either a short frequency of large wins or losing spins, however as the machine becomes established the payout percentage should be around the expected payout percentage.

Working out your Payout Percentage

It is very simple to work out the payout percentage which you have achieved during any particular session you have played, all you need to do is to work out how much cash you have been paid out from the machine divided by what you have put into the machine and played off as games.

So if you have played for example if you played 100 spins and your total winnings won during these spins came to 34.00 and each of these 100 spins cost 0.40 per spin (equating to 40.00 in stakes played on the machine) then you divide cash out 34.00 by cash in 40.00, so 34.00 divided by 40.00 = 0.85, when you have a 0. figure simply disregard the 0. and the remaining figure is your payout percentage, in this example it is 85%.

There may be times when your payout percentage is above 100% and this means you have obviously had a winning session, so let us look at an example of this, if a slot has paid you out, in total, over one session 114.00 and you have put into it in total 86.00 during that session then cash out 114.00 divided by cash in 86.00 equals 1.32 so this means your payout percentage for that particular session was 132% (you get rid of the decimal point and what is left is the payout percentage).

Online Slot Expected Payout Percentages

Whilst most slot game and pokie machine developers do not let you know what the expected payout percentages is on their range of games, some quite happily let you know this information, and below are the expected payout percentages on a range of online slot games, we have included a diverse range of these kinds of games to give you an idea of just how good they can be, the following slots are available to play at Spin Palace Casino

City of Gold Slot – This game is a classic slot machine which means it only has one payline and you can choose to play it with one of two coins in play, the jackpot for a one coin jackpot is 800 coins and for a 2 coin jackpot you will get paid 1600 coins, the game has Bar symbols, single, double and triple bars along with sevens and melons and the jackpot symbol of which you will need three is the Golden Bowl, the expected payout percentage of this slot is 95.27%.

Hell Boy Slot – You are going to have a busy time if you opt to play on the Hellboy slot game, not only is it a multi-line video slot with 5 reels and 20 optional pay lines but it is packed with bonus rounds such as the Super mode which is a randomly activated free spins round which has three wild symbols which lock in place. There is also a unique Underworld bonus game where you will be sent under the earths crust to battle a whole host of monsters and be awarded a cash prize for each one you kill! The expected payout percentage on this slot is 96.49%.

Silver Fang Slot – If you are looking for a pokie machine that has more pay lines than you can shake a stick at then look no further than the Silver Fang slot which has a huge 50 of them available. The secret of some huge payouts on this game is to hope you trigger the free spins bonus game as this will award you with 15 free spins which play out with a huge x5 multiplier attached to each winning free spin spin! You can also choose to gamble any winning spin you get by going for a double or nothing or a quadruple or noting gamble game. The expected payout percentage is quite generous and this is 96.3%.

5 Reel Drive Slot – The 5 Reel Drive slot has recently been revamped and a mark II version has been released, this new version boasts four progressive jackpots and a free spins bonus game however the original version which we are showcasing to you is a simple 5 reel, 9 payline slot with no bonus games, it does however have a large 10,000 coin jackpot, a scatter symbol and wild symbol and the expected payout percentage is quite high at 96.95%.

Avalon Slot – The Avalon slot is playable as either a normal pokie game or you can also play it in tournament mode at Microgaming powered casinos, the slot has the standard 5 video reels and with 20 optional pay lines you should get more than enough winning combinations spinning in. You may be lucky enough to spin in three or more of the Lady of the Lake scatter symbols and when you do the slot gives you 12 free spins and these all will have a random multiplier amount attached to each one. The expected payout percentage is a higher than average 96.01%.

Carnaval Slot – This slot is very similar in structure to the 5 Reel Drive slot above, it has an obvious Carnival type theme and with 9 pay lines, wild symbols, scatter symbols and a jackpot worth 5000 coins you should get a good game when playing it. The expected payout percentage of this slot machine is 96.94%.