You may have stumbled onto our site as you maybe interested to play slots and pokie games online but are wondering what the benefits are as opposed to having an enjoyable evening at your local land based gambling venue, well there are several reasons why you should consider moving some if not all of your slot playing sessions online and in this part of our site we shall show you what these are.

You will no doubt have already discovered for yourself that there are so many slot sites and online casinos available to you online and this is where you can be feeling a little overwhelmed, however not all slot sites and online casinos offer you the best online gambling experience so why not stick to playing at one of the best sites and one which we think highly of is a Microgaming powered site called Wild Jack Casino.

Microgaming are an online casino software company who have been around for almost 20 years now and in this time they have perfected the art of designing and releasing slot games that players want to play and with hundreds of them available at sites like Wild Jacks Casino you will be certainly not short of choice!

Certified fair slot machines

The first question any slot playing who is thinking of moving their slot play online is going to ask him or herself is whether the slots they are going to be playing online really are fair, after all as the casinos are software driven anything could happen, well slot machines available at Wild Jacks Casino are certified fair.

So how are these slots certified as fair you may be asking yourself, well to begin with they have been vigorously tested by Microgaming themselves prior to release to ensure they perform exactly as they should, this take a long time and once they are ready to be released they then go through stage two.

Stage two is for the licensing jurisdiction to double check the games play and pay exactly as they should and this is done by a completely independent casino game testing facility to put the games through their paces and ensure that everything is as it should be, once they are 100% happy they games are then brought online.

The slots do not stop being verified even when they are launched as each month casinos like Wild Jacks Casino hand over the entire gaming logs for every single game in the casino to an independent third party organization and they certify the overall payout parentages achieved by each and every game.

They then produce each month a payout percentage verification certificate with listed the payouts on all individual casino game grouping and they also let you know what payout percentage the casino paid out as a whole. This along with yearly random number generator audits ensures that everyone is always getting a fair and honest game.

Better payouts online

The one major difference between land bases slot games and those found online is the payout percentages, each country across the globe has laws in place which state the minimum payout rates that slot machines in land based venues are permitted to pay out, and this can be as low as 70%.

It is very true to say that a land based casino does have a lot of overhead what with electricity, rates, taxes and staffing costs to name a few of these overheads, however online casinos have minimal overheads and as such they can offer mush higher payout rates, pay backs and payout percentages.

In most cases online casino slot machines have payout percentages in the 96% range many offer mush higher rates than these but it doesn’t take a genius to work out when you have slots available in a land based venue which payout a miserly 70% and online slots offering payouts of 96% to decide which ones offer the best value and winning potential!

More comps and extras

Whilst high rollers will always get VIP treatment at land based casinos the average e player will at most be able to claim a free buffet or get a few dollars backs via the casinos comp club, however when you move you slot playing online a whole world of extras open up to you and these can put a lot of extra money in your bankroll and hopefully your wallet.

Bonuses are thrown around like confetti at online casinos and at places like Wild Jacks Casino both new players and existing players get regularly showered with a wide range of different bonus offers, often you will get offered a reload bonus, a free no deposit bonus or a bonus just for depositing on certain days.

Comps are also going to be earned on all your real money casino action and these accumulate much quicker than they do in a land based venue, and you don’t have to join a queue to redeem your comps when playing online you can swap all of your loyalty points for cash whenever you get the urge to via the online redemption centre!

You may be wondering about how fast online casinos actually take to pay you your winnings, well at Wild Jacks Casino they have a large range of withdrawal methods which enable you to get your hands on all your winnings in a timely fashion, you can opt to have them sent directly to your bank account, or you may request a cheque, or if you have one of the many online e-wallet type accounts then you winning can be sent to them in a very fast time frame, you have full control over how and when you are paid at Wild Jacks Casino.

So what are you waiting for why not put them to the test yourself today and we are completely confident that once you start to play with them you will become a loyal and regular player especially once those winning reel combinations start to spin in your way!