Three reel slots are what most people first try playing when they visit a land based casino, well this was definitely true several years ago as these were the only kind of slot machines available, they can easily be recognized as they have 3 reels in the belly area of the slot, well you may have already guess they have 3 reels from their name!

These are the more basic type of slot machine as they usually do not boast any kind of bonus game, those that do have a simple to play bonus round which isn’t too taxing on the brain! Having said all that if you have never played them before then there is a few things you will need to know about them to ensure you are fully confident to sit down and play them and below we will guide you through all there is to know about playing 3 reel slot games.

Choosing which 3 reel slot to play

Wander into any land based casino or even should you be playing online at a casino such as Ruby Fortune Casino then you will discover a large number of 3 reel slot games, they usually on the surface all look the same, however they will all come with different themes, payout tables and each will have it own type of game play structure so it is important to choose one that you are comfortable to play.

The stake levels will need to be ones which you can afford basing these levels on how much you have in your bankroll, so the first thing you need to do when you intend to play them is to wok out a unit stake for your session. You will be wanting to have a fair crack at the whip when playing and by this we mean you will be wanting a fair number of spins in that particular session, so work out how much you have to play with then divide your bankroll by either 50, 75 or 100 and use this as the stake level you will play that slot for.

In a land based casino you will notice that next to the coin slot there will be a small notice indicating the coin level that the slot is set for, however when playing online you will be able to adjust the coin levels yourself so finding one that is suitable to you is easy, simply click on the coin level increase or decrease button to set the machine to what you want these coin levels to be.

Ensure you play the slot correctly

Once you have chosen the coin values you wish to play the three reel slot game at you will now be ready to start playing, however you need to be aware that most 3 reel slots allow you to play more than one payline per spin, the most common number of pay lines is either one single line, 3 lines or 5 lines, and it is worth pointing out that you should take a look at the paytable to see if by playing more than one line per spin on games which offer several lines playable there is any enhanced jackpot payouts for doing so.

If a slot has five lines for example usually each payline will have a jackpot payout attached to it but getting the jackpot combination on reel one often pays less than if they spin in on other pay lines, with the highest payout often reserved for the fifth pay line, so whatever you do if you do play these kinds of slots then make sure you play all five lines or you will be annoyed to say the least if you spin in the jackpot on a payline which you haven’t put into play.

Another thing to look out for especially on the single line game is whether you are allowed to play more than one coin per spin, several single line 3 reel slots will let you play more than one coin per line and they offer an enhanced jackpot when you play more than one coin and go on to win the jackpot.

So if your single line slot has indeed got more than one coin playable per line and by checking the paytable you see you can win a bigger or enhanced jackpot for hitting the jackpot when playing more than one coin then it is important to play maximum coins on each spin you make as by playing fewer than the maximum you will be playing for a lower payback percentage.

Some three reelers will have a progressive jackpot attached to them, these require you to play maximum coins on every spin if you want to activate that jackpot payout and you should never play these types of slot games with fewer coins in play than the maximum and you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself if you spun in the jackpot combinations but didn’t win the progressive as you didn’t play enough coins!

Sensible Gaming

You should only ever play 3 reel slots with money you can afford to lose, it can be very easy to over spend when playing and type of gambling game, but by rigidly sticking to your budget and having the guts to walk away when you have either hit your spending limit or hit a big win you will get to enjoy playing these games much more. Know your limits when playing slots and look at is as paid for entertainment.

You may prefer to play three reel slots for free, if so then make sure you visit the website of the casino listed above as they will let you download their excellent casino software and register as a guest player then you will be able to enjoy any of their 3 reel slot machines in free play mode, and that way you will never be putting at risk any of your hard earned cash!