With the number of slot machines available to play at Microgaming powered online casinos such as Spin Palace Casino numbering the hundreds choosing which ones to sit down and play can be a nightmare, however there are two different kinds of machines to choose from admittedly with loads of different subgroups however most slots will fall into the 3 reel slot and video slot categories, and as such we will now take a look at these two kinds of slot machines and compare them to see which are the best to play and this will hopefully help you decide which ones you should spin the reels on!

Firstly let us tell you a little more about each kind of slot games structure the three reel slot games have, as their name suggests three reels, these are the more basic kind of slot machines to play and will appeal to players looking for a straight forward kind of slot playing style with uninterrupted spins. Video slot games have by their definition got a video type display and these machines boasts not only 5 reels in play but they also offer a more action packed type of game play as they often offered bonus feature games and the like.

Bonus Games Offered

Three reel slots game offer bonus feature games however they are not really very exciting ones, the most common type of bonus game which you will be able to trigger on the vast majority of 3 reel slots is a wheel spinning type round, this is commonly triggered when you spin in one particular symbols often only found on reel number three and when it lands on the payline you then get to spin a wheel and wherever the wheel lands is the cash prize you will win. So 3 reel bonus game slots are often played by players who like to keep things nice and simple.

However when it comes to video slot games the number of bonus games they collectively offer is enormous and as such you could trigger and be awarded bonus games such a free spins rounds where you are awarded a set or random number of free spins which play out with various multiplier values in play, or you may get to play a pick to win type bonus feature round where you have to pick items off the screen to reveal just how much you have won during that particular bonus game.

Pay lines Available

You will find that when you are playing 3 reel slot machines the possible number of pay lines you can play on each and every spin of the reels is minimal, classic three reel slots and the vast amount of fruit machine type slots will offer just one payline, however some of the more adventurous 3 reel slots let you play three or five lines on each spin you make, which ever you choose you are giving the option of playing the minimum or any number up to the maximum number permitted by that particular slot machine game.

When it comes to the number of pay lines you can play on video slot machines they can and do offer huge numbers of them depending on which slot your are playing, the most basic video slot will offer you five or nine pay lines, and the bonus video slots often tend to start at nine pay lines and offer put o a maximum of 100 pay lines. However recently we have seen a new breed of video slot game appearing on line and these are called Allway slots and they let you play, for one fixed stake level, every viewable payline, and this can be 243 lines, 1024 lines or a mind blowing 3125 lines, so there is quite a diverse number of pay lines available if you opt to play video slot machines online.

Progressive Jackpots

If you are playing or want to play 3 reel slots then there are several of them available to play which have progressive jackpots attached to them, however they have to often be played in a certain way for you to be able to be in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot. The way most of these slots will let you activate that jackpot payout is by requiring you to make a maximum coin bet on each spin of the reels you make, failure to make a maximum coin bet will result in you winning not the progressive jackpot but a smaller set amount of coins should you spin in the jackpot paying combination on anything less that a maximum bet spin.

Video slot games are also available to play with progressive jackpots attached to the slot game, however due to the huge number of progressive jackpot paying video slots how you will have a chance of winning the top prize jackpot will vary from machine to machine, so it is important for you to ensure you read the game play rules for the progressive jackpot video slot machine you are playing as some need maximum coin/bet spins to give you a chance of winning the jackpot and some of the newer ones can award the jackpot completely a random irrespective of how much you are playing the slot game for/at. So make sure you always know the slots rules before you start playing any form of progressive slot game as you do not want to miss out on that huge jackpot!

You can play both 3 reel slot machines and video slot games at any of the online casinos and slot sites listed on our website the majority of these games can be played in free play mode with the exceptions of the progressive slot machines which as they have live jackpot sin play coupled with the fact a percentage of all players stakes are added to the jackpot meter then these games can only be played via real money mode. It is your choice which slots you play but by sticking to those casinos and slot sites featured with our site you are going to have by far the biggest and best choice of slots to play.