As if playing a slots machine and hoping it will spin in a winning pay line combination was not enough of a gamble but thanks to a gamble feature which is available on many bonus video slot machines you can now have an additional gamble and risk any winnings that you may have just spun in! There are several different gamble features available on the many different slot and pokie machines which offer this feature and below are some of the most common ones that you are likely to come across.

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Double or Nothing Gamble

The double or nothing gamble feature does exactly what it says on the can, you are presented with a 50/50 chance of either doubling the amount of money you are gambling or you may lose the entire amount of cash you are risking, and being a 50/50 type of wager you stand a good chance of both winning and losing!

The most common way for any slot machine to offer the double or nothing gamble feature is to present you with a stack of playing cards once you hit the gamble button, then you will be given the choice of picking either red or black, once you choose the colour the top card will be dealt out and revealed to you, should you have guessed correctly then your staked amount will be doubled, guess incorrectly and you will lose the lot!

If you have made a losing decision then the slot game will return to the main screen and you can continue to play the base game, however if you have made a winning guess then you may be offered the chance to have another gamble and therefore try and double the winnings you have just won.

If you continue to win on this double or nothing gamble feature you will get offered it repeatedly however some slot machines will only let you have a double or nothing gamble feature five times and some will have a preset win limit and once you win this amount your winnings are automatically collected for you and added to your credit meter and you will not be able to continue with this gamble feature as the game will return to the base game.

Quadruple or nothing gamble feature

Now here is a gamble feature for all of you who are will to go for a big jackpot sized win, and also for those of you with nerves of steel, this is of course the quadruple or nothing gamble feature which is offered on a large and growing number of bonus video slot machines, it calls for a level head and never try and get too greedy when playing this type of gamble game as when it bites it can wiped you out!

Similarly to the double or nothing gamble feature game mentioned above once you have spun in a winning payline combination and have chosen to play the gamble game then you get presented with a face down deck of playing cards, however you are given the option of choosing the suit of the next card to be drawn out for the deck, as you may know there are four suits, these are the Diamonds, the Clubs, the Spades and the Hearts.

By picking any one of the four suits you are then hoping that once he card is dealt out and placed face up in front of you it will match the suit you chose, if it does then your winnings will be now multiplied by four if on the other hand you have chosen incorrectly those winnings that you gambled will be lost!

Due to the amount of money you can win during the quadruple or nothing gamble feature being very high you may only be permitted to gamble using it a certain number or times or until you are lucky enough to reach the maximum payout amount in which case all winnings won by yourself will be automatically collected for you and added to your casino balance.

New gamble feature

A brand new type of gamble feature has just come online at Microgaming powered casinos and the first game to feature this is the Untamed Bengal Tiger slot, this is known as the Your Gamble feature and it allows players to choose how much they want to risk on each gamble and what winning odds they want should their gamble be a successful one.

The way this new gamble feature works is that you are presented with a circle on the screen and you can alter the size of the winning segment by using plus and minus symbols at the foot of this circle, the bigger the winning area you select the ,lower the winning odds are the smaller the inning segment you select the bigger the payout odds will be.

Once you have chosen the size of the winning area and have therefor selected the winning odds and chosen the amount of money you are prepared to gamble then the arrow overlaid on the wheel will start to win, you simply need it to land within the winning segment and if it does then your wager is a winning one, it if lands in the losing area then your gamble has lost and you will return straight to the base game.

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