As you may or may not be aware playing slot machines is no longer a straight forward task, as slot and pokie games become more and more advanced you need to keep your knowledge of playing the modern day slot machines as informed as possible as you never want to make playing errors that could cost you dearly, no one likes losing but if you make an error which actually costs you money when playing slots you really only have yourself to blame.

So in the article below we shall take a good look at some of the most common mistake and playing errors players have been known to make when playing slot machines either in land based casinos or in online casinos. Talking of online casinos have you see the revamped website of Gaming Club Casino if you haven’t and have never played at this Microgaming powered online casino before then get yourself over there and take a look as they have a stand out new player bonus you would be crazy not to take full advantage of!

Non activated jackpots

One of the worst mistakes you can make when playing a progressive slot machine is to inadvertently not activate the jackpot payout, this will leave you in a state of shock should you spin in the jackpot paying combination but then realize you hadn’t activated the jackpot payout by not placing the required type of wager, and boy is that one sick feeling to carry around with you!

Before you shovel your coins into any progressive jackpot paying slot or pokie machine the first thing you should do is to read the instructions which can either be found on the games glass or via the information pages if you are playing at an online casino, the things you need to check is how the jackpot is actually won on that particular slot machine.

Some slots which offer progressive jackpots will only let you win them by playing and activating maximum coin/line/bet spins, and if this is the case then make sure you do that on each and every slot spin you make on the particular progressive slot machine, if your budget cannot afford to play the maximum required stake levels to hit the progressive then do not play it an find a lower stake progressive instead.

Some progressive slot machines award the progressive jackpots completely at random and as long as you are playing for real money then irrespective of the stakes you are playing for you stand a chance of bagging the progressive jackpot, these types of slot machines offer slightly better value especially if you are playing them for smaller stake levels, online progressive such as the Mega Moolah series of progressive slots have jackpots that are won completely at random and you should give them a try if you are a low roller but want a chance of a huge life changing jackpot win.

Accidently hitting the max bet button

We have heard of many players who have seen their bankroll wiped out in one spin of the slot reels, this is done by accidently hitting the maximum bet button instead of play the slot at the stake levels you initially intended, obviously there have been some stories over the years of players who have won massive amount by accidently clicking the maximum bet button however the sad stories far outnumber the joyous ones!.

Make sure when ever you launch a casino game from the side menu in an online casino you then check how many lines the game is set to play, the coin values which you intend to play the slot for and the number of coins per line, set them before you click the start button or you may find that one spin costs you a small fortune.

Some online casinos will remember the stake levels you last played the slot machine for however some automatically set them to the highest permitted stake levels once the game is launched or refreshed, so what ever you do always check those stake levels to ensure you are not going to feel sick after you have hit the start button, placed a way too large wager then watched as no winning combinations get spun in!

One way to get a good feel for how the slots are set and operate is for you to log in as a guest player in free play mode before playing for real money, by doing this you can visit all games offered and see how they work, launch, pay and play and by getting some experience under your belt before you play for real you will never make any (hopefully) slot playing errors.

Slot bonus errors

Casino bonuses, offers and of course promotions are often a good way to get extended play time and more bang from your gambling budget, however we see time and time again players having their slot winnings voided due to them falling foul to the terms and conditions which have been attached to said promotional offers.

We cannot stress enough how you should carefully read through the terms and conditions of each and every casino bonus you are thinking of taking and then follow these terms to the letter, if you take for example a slot machine only bonus then do not think you can play slots then have a few sneaky spins on the roulette table as by doing this you could find any winnings you manage to win will be completely voided by the casino.

Any online casino bonus offer is only ever as good as the terms and conditions and play through requirements attached to them, many players now do not bother claiming any form of casino bonus as they would rather play safe in the knowledge that by not taking a bonus they can play any game they choose when ever they choose and cash out any winnings at any time, so think long and hard about taking a bonus and see if it is really worth the effort.