If you have ever wandered around a land based casino then like us you have probably seen some sights! It often makes us think that people seem to go into some form of trance like state when gambling and can lose their minds some what, and even the most placid person can become a totally different person when sat down in front of a slot machine or when they are at the card table. In this article we will guide you through slot playing etiquette which should ensure you never lose your head or let yourself go when playing slot machines!

However should you wish to ignore our advice on slot playing etiquette and sit there at 4am playing slot machines in your underwear or even naked then you are of course best to play slots online at one of our top rated casino sites such as the highly respected Ruby Fortune Casino who have plenty of slots and pokie machines of every description.

The Slouch

One type of person you will not wish to become if you are playing slot machines in a land based casino is a slouch, this type of player appear to have set up camp in front of a slot machine, they will arrange the chairs in front of the slots in such a way that they can virtually lie down on them and this will result in players not being able to play the machines at the side of the one this person is playing.

They will also have been playing that machine for so long they will have a pile of empty cups or glasses strewn all around them, and if they smoke and smoking is permitted in that casino then they will no doubt have overflowing ashtrays around them and permanently have a ciggie hanging out of their mouth.

The worst part of a slouch type slot player is that having played in one position for so long their personal hygiene is not what it should be and you wouldn’t want to sit near them even if you could as the odour will be overwhelming! So dear reader if you do want to play slot machines and wish to play them for long sessions then please keep your dignity, sit comfortably but not flat on your back and treat the area around your machine tidy, treat it like your mothers front front where you wouldn’t dare leave a mess!

The annoying player

It is a sad fact of life that at certain times when you are playing slots in a casino you are going to come across the annoying player, this sad individual seems to have been sent by God to punish you for something you did wrong in a previous life! One thing you never want to become or end up talking too is this person for he will drive you mad.

There are several things which will make an annoying player just that, the first is that they may insist on talking to you telling you how bad their luck has been or constantly point at the slot machine screen on which they are playing and announce is has to be rigged or fixed as they just missed a winning combination by one symbol, of the machine hasn’t paid anything our in ages. No one likes listening to tales of woe when they are gambling and you shouldn’t have to either.

Even worse than a moaning player is a know it all, this kind of person will insist on watching you play and will tell you what you should be doing at various stages of your game play, if you hit a picking feature round they will try and demand you press this button or do what they want.

They will believe in their own warped minds that they are doing you a favour by constantly annoying you, should you come across a player who is more interested in your gambling session than their own ask them to move away and annoy someone else, or if you haven’t the guts to tell them yourself get casino security to move them on.

You can of course meet some really nice people when playing slots in a casino, but good etiquette commands that you should only talk and interact with your fellow players if they are wanting to do the same, as for many people gambling is a solitary things and many are more than happy to sit their and play on their own.

The slot hogger

A slot hogger is a person who will practically take over a bank of slot machines, they can do this be various methods, one is for them to jump from machine to machines playing them one at a time or several all at the same time like some maniac, or they may leave a credit or two on each machine and stick to playing another one, they do this as the do not want to see someone sitting next to them winning when they are losing.

Common courtesy calls for you to play just one machine at a time, and if you need to visit the toilet for example but do not want to lose that machine to another player then you can always reserve your slot for a few minutes. Should you wish to play more than one machine at a time then of course this is permission but only when the casino is quiet and there are not queues of players forming, waiting to play.

As a player you should also never remove a slot reserved sign, if you are wishing to play a slot game and it has a reserved sign on it wait for several minutes to see if the player who was playing it returns, if the machine has been reserved for a long time then ask the casino staff whether it is OK to play that particular machine, let them give you the OK to play the machine and you don’t want the wrath of a player who has returned to play his favourite slot but instead finds you happily pumping it with coins.