When it comes to playing free online slots you are going to come across all manner of stories and myths some of which may be true and many of which are completely false, so in an attempt to separate fact from fiction we have put togther our slot playing myths article below which will hopefully enlighten you more into what is true and what is completely made up about playing slot games online, give it a good read through if nothing else it may put a smile on your face!

The first myth we would like to dispel is that when a slot machine company first releases a new slot machine they are set to payout more than they are going to be finally set at, this is completely false at online casino powered by Microgaming have the payout percentages of all their slot machines set in stone and once they go live they are never tampered with and as such at sites like Gaming Club Casino you can rest assured that a slot is never going to change once it has been launched.

Similarly players often then to believe that casino operators can tamper with the payout percentages at will, whilst they is actually true on some software platforms such as Real Time Gaming, the more well respected online casino software companies like Microgaming do not let operators tinker or alter anything about their slot games. So should you have a choice on where you wish to play slots you should give Real Time Gaming powered sites a wide berth as their slots could be screwed down to the absolute minimum payout percentages!

Another thing that many players often think about is that once they have had a particularly good session then their is some form of magical switch that the casino operator or software company will switch that means their next few sessions will be low paying ones, some form of casino specific payout percentage which kicks in when ever you log into one casino is often thought to be in existence meaning that if you have won no matter what games you play afterwards you will get lots of losing sessions whilst this payout percentages readjusts to what it should be.

This is of course a complete myth as each game you play is powered by a central random number generator and these things are fully audited to ensure every event is completely random, and it is quite possible to win time and time again when playing several sessions all at the same online casino.

Progressive games often come in for close scrutiny by players and many have stated that it only ever appears to be new players who hit these mind blowing jackpot payouts, well once again this is untrue as everyone playing has a chance of hitting the progressive jackpot, whilst it is true to say the more times you play any one particular progressive game the better your chances of winning will be, if you just play one spin on let us say the Cash Splash game the odds of you winning the jackpot will be lower than some who has played 1000’s of spins.

Some players tend to believe that games such as Blackjack and Video Poker are not in fact real games like their land based counterparts but are in fact slot machines made to look like these other games in as much as they are going to payout a set percentage back as winnings, well once again this is completely false and all card and table games, slot machines and video poker games all have been designed to play and pay just like the land based versions and all are controlled by certified fair random number generators.

Talking of random number generators players often wonder is there a way of hacking these devices to ensure they will always win, well it has believe it or not happened in the past however it certainly hasn’t happened at sites powered by Microgaming who use the very highest levels of security to ensure that their games can never be nor have ever been hacked or altered in any way!

Some players prefer to play at online casino s in currencies other than their own, for example UK based players have been known to sign up to Microgaming powered online casinos and have set their casino currency as US Dollars, the reason for this is that they often think that due to the currency exchange rate being such a deposit of say 100.00 Pounds will mean they have a starting balance of 160.00 Dollars and therefore they will get more spins for their money.

The only thing this does in reality is leave them wide open to currency exchange rate fluctuations and sometimes the casinos at which they are play at will not let them play in other currencies and therefore problems can be caused. However if a casino permits you to play in currencies other than your own then it can be a good way to be able to play games such as roulette for smaller stakes, as the minimum stakes at Microgaming powered casinos for their roulette game is 1.00 then by playing in Dollars is you are from the UK means the chips values are therefore lower.

Some players tend to believe in lucky charms or playing slot machines in certain ways will give them a winning chances, however this is all mumbo jumbo as rubbing a rabbits foot on the slot machines start button or even hopping around on one foot is not going to make the slightest difference to your winning chances when playing slot machines online or offline for that matter!

When you press the start button however is going to make the difference to a winning or losing spin as it is when you have done just that that the random number generator will decide the fete of that particular spin, however there is no way of knowing when to press the start button to ensure a guaranteed winning spin!