The only realistic way a slot player is going to have more and more winning sessions is for them to put into place a strategy for playing, this is up to the player concerned as they will each have their own ideas on what they are aiming for when they are playing any type of slot or pokie machine, however for the average punter looking for an enjoyable gaming session and the ability to know when the time is right to walk away we have put together the following basic slot playing strategy. The free online slots games e.g. usually have better payouts as in real money mode just be aware of this !

Please be aware that guaranteeing a winning session is not going to be possible when playing any type of slot or pokie game, as each spin of the reels is completely random there is never going to be a way of correctly predicting when you are going to have a winning session or when the best time is to play a slot machine.

The perfect playing strategy for any slot player is common sense and know how to stake each spin they make and how to spot when things either are going completely right for them or when it is time to stop playing as no matter what they do or try those reels simply refuse to spin in anything decent, keep on reading for some ways to improve both your online and offline slot play.

Staking each spin

Let’s us begin with what we know and by that we mean the amount of money you have set aside to play with, you will know to the penny how much you are prepared to wager on each spin and as such you should set about putting together a set unit stake based on this amount.

It depends on what type of slot game you are wishing to play in regards to setting your unit stake, if for example you love playing bonus video slot games then you should remember that on average the bonus rounds should hit every 100 to 150 spins, and as such you will be wanting to hopefully hit at least one of them.

So with this in mind if it is bonus video slots you wish to play then divide your bankroll up by the average hit rate of the bonus features hitting this hopefully will mean you at least trigger one of the feature rounds during that session, so if you have 150.00 available then divide it by 100 or 150 to arrive at your unit stake, in our example this would be 1.00 and 1.50 respectively.

If you are playing the more basic 3 reel slots then you will be looking for around 50 spins for your bankroll should you be seeking a potentially high paying session of for a more modest chance of winning look for 100 spins, so once again if you have 150.00 available in your bankroll and intend to play 3 reel slots then at 50 spins that will equal each spin being 3.00 or 100 spins will be 1.50 per spin.

The unit stake you are playing for is completely up to you but failure to set it at a low enough level will mean you run the risk of busting out very quickly, the lower the stake levels you are playing for the better. Next we move onto setting yourself a winning goal and this is where you should stop playing when you make it to this figure, not easy to do but the only way to constantly walk away a winner.

Winning Goal

Players who set themselves a winning goal when playing slot and those who have the discipline to actually stand up and walk away when they hit this amount are the ones who will have more winning sessions than losing ones, however the winning goal players must set to do just that is all relative to the bankroll you are starting your sessions with.

It goes without saying if you are beginning a slot playing session with 25.00 and your winning goal is 10,000.00 then it doesn’t take a genius to realize that your winning sessions are going to be negligible! However if you start your session with 25.00 and aim to stop playing when you have won an additional 25.00 then you stand a real chance of winning.

So be realistic when you set a winning goal, maybe aim to double your starting bankroll, or if that doesn’t sound like fun, walking away a winner, then how about aim to double your starting bankroll but when you have done this carry on playing but only with half of your winnings, keep your original bankroll and half of the winnings in your pocket and then if you lose walk away still a winner.

Using casino bonuses

Now when it comes to grabbing your share of casino bonuses offered by online casinos there are loads of them available one such site is All Slots Casino they have a host of bonuses for existing players and if you are a new player then you can fill your boost and greatly increase your initial bankroll by taking full advantage of their sign up bonus.

However when ever you accept any form of casino bonus you are going to be stuck with terms and conditions and play through requirements, and this can often mean you will bust out before you manage to reach a winning level and there in lies the danger of taking any form of bonus, however from time to time when playing slots you can do no wrong and this is when you will meet all the play through requirements and be able to cash out your winnings.

The only way to find out whether a casino bonus is really worth bothering with is by carefully checking how much play through you will have to make and the amount of the bonus which is granted, however it has to be said in most casinos some smaller bonuses are really not worth taking and you are best playing with your own money so as not to lock it into a large play through.