Once you discover that not all slot machines are born equal and know what to look out for when playing them you will soon discover which slot and pokie games are worth playing and conversely which ones should be given a very wide berth and are best avoided, choosing the wrong slot game to play can and will cost you dearly so let us try and guide you through the maze of slot games and which ones are simply the worst.

In the interests of fair play it should be pointed out that all slot games will payout what they are set to over a period of time but there can be quite large variations in what these payouts are, so what ever you do never just jump on any old pokie and slot game simply due to the fact that it looks nice or is the only one available to play!

Slots that have recently paid out

Now you wouldn’t tuck into a buffet if it has been sat there for days and similarly you should never jump on to play a slot machine that has recent paid out a jackpot win or a series of large payouts, UK fruit machine players discover this years ago that if a fruit machine has just paid out then it was very unlikely to payout again in a short period of time.

Whilst all modern day slot machines are completely random they do go through cycles and as such when you have just spun in or seen a player on another machine spin in a large jackpot when then that particular machine has probably just gone though its paying out mode, and as sure as night follows day it will then move into what is known as suck mode, where you can play it for ages and never see a decent sized payout.

So by avoiding machines that have been generous recently you will stand a better chance of finding one that is about to payout, at Microgaming powered casinos for example they have a handy tool which is known as the jackpot thermometer, this is an indicator you can see when you log into the casino and it will show you which slots have been paying out a lot recently and those that haven’t, take a look at this feature over at Betway Casino
and get a feel for which slots are about to hit and those that have just dropped the lot so to speak!

Maximum bet slots

Now some slot machines are weighted this means that you will only get the best payouts when you are playing maximum coins and maximum line wagers, these machines are terrible for players especially those who like to low roll and by playing less than the maximum number of lines or coins per line you will suffer lower payout percentages.

However the art is to spot which slot games have been weighted, as good rule of thumb is those slots which are older ones as these tend to be weighted, usually the older video slot games which do not offer any form of bonus feature round are best left alone if you do intend to low roll.

Some basic 3 reel slots are also best left well alone if you are not going to play the maximum number of coins permitted, take the classic slots which boast just one payline, take a look at the pay tables as these bad slots are easy to spot as they will give you an enhanced jackpot payout for playing more than one coin per game, and if you can only afford to play one coin per game then why should you be at a disadvantage to other players. Only play such slots if the jackpot is a direct equation of the single coin win, ie if a one coin jackpot is 800 coins and the two coin jackpot is 1600 that slot is fair to lower rollers but if the single coin jackpot is for example 500 coins but the two coin jackpot is 1500 coins then low stake players will be losing out.

Huge progressive jackpot slots

Now some progressive slot machines will payout there top prize jackpots very regularly, take Microgamings Cash Splash or Fruit Fiesta games, these are also paying out the jackpots every day or every few days and therefore by playing them you stand a reasonable chance of winning on them, admittedly a tiny chance of hitting the progressive but the chance in there.

Some Microgaming progressive slot games payout their jackpots very rarely indeed take the Major Millions slot or the Mega Moolah slots, the top prizes on the machines can and do grow to some very massive amounts due to the simple fact they do not pay them out very often, so if you want a chance of winning the jackpot then why play a slot which offers a miniscule chance of you winning the jackpot when you can play a slot which has a better chance of you winning one.

We should point out that some slots like the Mega Moolah slot do offer a fairer chance of you winning a progressive jackpot as they have four live jackpots in play, and unlike other slot machines you are not forced to play maximum coins and/or lines to be in with a chance of hitting them.

The slots do this by giving the progressive jackpots a bonus game which triggers them and in the case of Mega Moolah you can be randomly awarded this bonus game irrespective of the actual stake levels you are playing the slot for so even a low stake player can trigger the bonus game, this involves you spinning a wheel which will then spin and slow down eventually coming to rest on one particular segment of the wheel and this will be the jackpot you have won.

So if you are indeed a low rollers stick to progressive slots that either are regularly won like Cash Splash, or try and play slots which offer you the chance of winning the jackpot when you are playing for low stakes such as the Mega Moolah series of games. You could however go a lifetime playing progressive slots and never win one so you need to think long and hard before playing them, but as the saying goes you do need to be in it to win it, and someone has to win the jackpot.