Imagine if you had a sixth sense and was able to spot a slot or pokie machine that was about to payout and jump on it just at the right moment to guarantee you could win a healthy sized jackpot, whilst that is a dream to many players there are several things you can look out for when playing slot machines that can indicate a machine is about to drop a good payout and in this section of our site we shall look at what these are.

It should be noted that as all slot machines are completely random you will not be able to win every time you play them, or the casinos wouldn’t be in business long, but we have seen and spoken to professional players over the years and they occasionally are willing to share their slot playing secrets with us and we are more than happy to pass on these winning tips to you.

Slot positioning

The location of a slot machine is very important to a casino, and with huge area on the gaming floor the savvy casino managers and slot managers will always place the slot games which have the best payout percentages in the most busiest sections of the casino. The idea behind doing this is that if you are stood in the buffet or restaurant queue waiting to get in and you see slots paying out in your field of vision you will be tempted to play these slots as they appear looser than all the rest of them.

So the casinos will place the slots with enhanced payout percentages where ever queues are going to form in and around the casino in an attempt to lure players to give them a whirl, the lower paying slot games will also be slightly beyond these higher paying machines, so it pays to be observant when in any casino.

Also as you wander around the casino look our for an point of sale material that informs you of any extremely high paying slot and pokie machines, casinos often have a bank or two of high paying slots which boast very high payback percentages and by sticking to these machines you can get the best potential returns from playing them.

Note the jackpot levels

Many slot games these days have either a stand along progressive jackpot attached to them or they may share the progressive jackpot with a lot of other machines, and a savvy player can judge when it is best to sit down and give these type of slots some playtime by simply noting the current jackpot levels and knowing when the time is right to play them.

Once any type of progressive slot game has become established it will become apparent that it has an average hit rate, this is when the slot game usually drops it top prize progressive jackpot, and what a professional player will do is make a note of when the jackpot is usually won and only ever start playing them when the jackpot level is above this figure.

So if a stand alone progressive jackpot on one slot machine usually pays out at let’s say 1000.00 then the player should only sit down to play them when the jackpot rises above this figure and never play them when the jackpot is below this figure, on larger paying progressive the jackpot may be hit, on average at say 25,000.00 so if the current jackpot is 29,790.00 for example then the odds are much better of the jackpot being won than if the progressive jackpot meter was showing 19,700.00, so try and find out when and how much these progressive are won and what value they are regularly won for.

New slots and pokies pay more?

When you play at an online casino such as our featured Microgaming powered site Cabaret Club Casino
you will benefit from high payout percentages when ever you choose to play them, as unlike land based casinos the expected payout percentages are set in stone before they are released and are never tampered with in any way once they hit the online casinos cyber gaming floors. These pay outs are always much higher than land based casinos due to online casinos having much lower overheads.

However a land based casino and and does adjust the payout percentages as they see fit, and it makes sense for them to ensure that when some new slot machines are rolled out onto the casino floor they are as appealing as possible to players, and this is done by the casino cranking up the payout percentages to give the impression that they are very generous and will always give players complete value for money and a good winning chance.

Obviously once players start to play a new slot and see they are hitting some good payouts that memory will stick with them and they will tend to return to play that slot machine time and time again, however after the slot machine has been on the floor for a week or so the casino operators will lower the payout percentage to increase their profit, and an unsuspecting player will be none the wiser.

So yes land based casinos do indeed increase the payout percentages on new slot games, but you will only have a small window of time to take advantage of these high payouts, so do feel free to play new slots but never be under the illusion that they will always give you high payouts like they did when they first hit the casino floor as over time the returns will become much lower and therefore offer poorer value to players looking for a good slot spinning session.

The moral of this story is to stick to new machines only for a short period of time or better still play at online casinos where the casino operators are unable to increase of decrease the payout percentages as by sticking to online casinos you know you will always benefit from the best payouts and pay backs and will never have the wool pulled over your eyes!