A warm welcome to all our free slots NZ games playing website visitors from New Zealand and Australia, when it comes to playing free online slots games and pokie machines you are going to find a wealth of information that will keep you playing for longer and thanks to our guides on how to play slots and pokies along with our hints and playing tips you may increase you winning chances!

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Online Pokies : Play Free Slots in NZD and AUD

Let’s get straight down to business and state the obvious, when you want to play free slots and pokies online why do some online casinos insist that you have to play in US Dollars, it has never made sense to us, especially with the daily currency exchange rates bouncing all over the place you could seriously lose out when cashing in a big win. If you have been forced to deposit, play the withdraw you winnings in US dollars, so with this in mind along with our slot guides and pokie playing tips we will showcase the very best online casinos who let you deposit in New Zealand Dollars and Australian Dollars.

We will also highlight the best casino bonuses, offers and promotions that will allow you to get maximum value from your slot playing budget.

Each slot site we will present to you has been checked out by ourselves to ensure they give you the full package, in terms of great slot games, excellent promotional offers, top class knowledgeable customer service and more importantly pay you all your winnings in a timely fashion.

Odds on Winning at Free Slots NZ

Playing slots can be either a pleasurable way of passing some time or a way to hopefully walk away with a tidy profit, that said as each slot and pokie game is completely random you may be thinking your chances of winning are in the lap of the Gods, not necessarily as there are plenty of ways to play and little things to look out for that can indicate the time is right to play any particular machine, so make sure you check out or playing hints and tips section that will reveal all to you!

By cleverly using bonus and promotional free slots NZ spins offers in conjunction with some savvy moves you can often increase the rate at which you cash out and therefore lock in a profit, this however calls for some strict discipline and a good slot strategy, once again we have all these aspects covered with in our site so spend some time looking around as all the information is there for you

Play Free Slots NZ Games

If playing pokies and free slots games is something you have only just discovered then knowing how to play them is going to be the first thing you will need to know how to do, as there are literally hundreds of different types of machines available to play online and as such they can, at first, be quite confusing to understand and play. But fear not we have in-depth guides on how each type of online pokies and slot game works and operates and in no time at all you will be well versed in their operation.

There are also a lot of different software features depending on which software platform you are playing with, for example one of the industries leading online casino software companies is Microgaming and there are loads of different player options you can alter and adjust on their download package, and Playtech another state of the art software company also have plenty of playing features which you can alter to completely individualize your playing experience, we will show you how they both work and operate from the initial download to playing the games themselves.

About Free Slots Games NZ

Both slots and pokie machines work on mathematics, each reel will have a certain number of positions on each each represented by a reel symbol or a blank space and the number of these symbols on each reels along with the prizes they payout once you line up a winning combination will determine the overall payout percentage or return to player that that particular machine is going to offer, and there can be quite a different in these payouts from machine to machine.

One of the hardest things for a slot player to do is to find out which slot games offer the best payout percentage, the higher they are the better chance you have of having a long and winning playing session, so to help you track down the best paying casino slots we have spent quite some time finding out the payout percentages of a range of online slots so you can instantly see which ones give you the best chances of winning and conversely will discover the slots you are best to avoid.

There is a random number generator which ensures that each machine is completely fair and above board and all of the slot machine and pokie games we will present to you have been certified as fair by third party organizations and online gambling jurisdictions, this ensures all players can rest assured they are getting fair and honest games at all of the sites we list.

Free Slots No Deposit Win Real Money

You may be blissfully unaware that there are lots of different ways that you can play free slots NZ games and pokies online for free yet win for real, one of the easiest ways to do just that is to enter as many free roll slot tournaments as you can, we have loads of places who offer all players completely free to enter tournaments and each one offers you the very real chance of walking away with cash.

You may prefer to bag as many free bonuses and no deposit offers as you can get hold of, and whilst there is nothing wrong with doing just that you can also get some massive bankroll boosters by make a first deposit as a new player at some of our fully approved and highly recommend online slot sites and casinos, have a good look around as there are some really massive bonuses being currently offered.